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Dankop - Listen (Prod. by Zeeondmix)

Rapper sire "Dankop" originally know as Dankop

gave a brief statement on his new demo and urge

everyone of you to listen the song is raw and

original and would definetly keep your

heads in the cloud if you know what I mean.

The Track was mixed and Mastered by Zeeondmix

Download and Enjoy with lyrics below.


Its hard to focus with the pressure

that's when the blunt comes in and hit it for the closure of a measure

rapping is a pleasure so when the beat comes in its what we play with every time of leasure

Easy going but a loco I've learn to run with many walk with few and fly solo

 if I'm higher than a Jamaican I'd still lay low

CUs they want nothing to do with you but shade the glow

You want the truth here come and listen,

you tend accomplish a lot if you learn to shut your mouth and listen

 what is this that I'm feeling ,I think its cheating CUs when a beat comes on it comes with a feeling

 Too many demons yo deal with just to make this money prepared to go and meet the time

 if its never coming nothing seems to keep the pain away that's

why we rolling and do just the opposite

when they think I'm falling

A lot of ammunitions incase you boys step out of line and try to cause an abolision

towards my aspiration I need a pest control with this niggas I need a fumigation

Time is ever running safe to say we never stopping never stay around to play for long

I keep it moving everything is looking up sleep is what we loosing

need to get back to the basics need to keep on pushing ..ah ah

(Hook) if you learn to shut your mouth and listen 3x