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We offer Music Production Service with diverse activities ranging from song writing, arranging and programming services. We can arrange musicians, composers and vocalists for your production projects. Getting the best out of production also involves putting in the best hands on the project. 


 Audio or Music Mixing is the process of transforming raw audio/sound recordings into balanced audio/music pieces that are made into records and played on the radio. Part science and part art, mixing requires very good equipment, a reliable listening environment and an experienced mixing engineer. 
Zee Beat Studios has an acoustically appropriate control/mixing room with professional digital equipment operated by experienced sound engineers to bring the best out of your work. 


 Mastering is the final step in the production of an album or single. It is a vital process that ensures maximum impact on the end listener. 
Attention is paid not only to the sound of each individual track, but to the overall consistency & continuity from track to track, to achieve a smooth flowing, level-matched CD. The main objective is to achieve optimum sound quality & level for the project. Rarely does a poorly mastered project find itself well received by the listening public. It's the polish that makes your sound shine. 


 We are your voice over experts, providing voice recording, voice production, jingles, and can supply professional voice talent. In addition to servicing our commercial clients we also cater to the needs of the acting community, producing voice over demos. Take advantage of one of our voice over demo packages designed to fit your budget and offer you great value for your money. 


 A great audiobook captures the audience from the word “Go”, drawing them in all the way to the end in one sitting. A good script requires great narration. A great narration requires complimentary and ambient production to compliment the dialogue. We create audiobooks that captures the spirit, quality and character of your words so that its message will have a lasting effect on the listening audience. We specialize in audiobooks and audio textbooks for all levels of learning, including: K-12, undergraduate and graduate markets.  We also provide audio narration for multi-media learning tools and audio for e-books. 


 Whether your goal is to be a pro audio engineer, master the recording process as an artist or producer, we provides the knowledge and experience to make it a reality. we teach students how to explore the world of sound and transform their passion for music and audio into a dream career. Visit the academy page on the website.
Project Type Benefit Extra Fee
Music Production
Beat Sequencing, Voice Over, Mixing & Mastering 
free track Upload & 
free artwork.
₦50,000 Book Now
Cover Track Your instrumental, Voice Over, Mixing & Mastering free track Upload & 
free artwork.
₦25,000 Book Now
Beat Sequencing Sequence a personal and preferred instrumental for you. Nil ₦30,000 Book Now
Mixing & Mastering Rendering of quality Mixing & Mastering service. Nil ₦30,000 Book Now
Voice Overs Voice Recordings for (Poetry, Poems, Radio Drama, Comedy Skits, e.t.c). Mixing & Mastering. ₦25,000 Book Now
Mobile Studio Session We Bring the studio to your location and comfort. 
Beat Sequencing, Voice Over, Mixing & Mastering
free track Upload & 
free artwork.
Contact Us (Full Track or Cover Track)
Contact Us
Album Project Varieties of tracks to be produced & compiled into a compact disk free track Uploads + 
free artworks.
Contact US Contact Us
Effective Jingles Short Voice Overs(Effective) 5 Jingles ₦10,000 Book Now
Non Effective Jingles SAME AS ABOVE(Non-Effective) 10 jingles ₦5,000 Book Now
Dance Mix Sound Mix for Dancers Nil ₦10,000 Book Now
Other Payments Other payments Nil ₦0 Pay Now